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A divination deck grounded in household objects, plants, animals and tools. Inspired by land-based living and insight meditation in the Mojave Desert.

Illustrated & written by Jai Knight on land of the Chemehuevi, Serrano, and Shoshone people, or so called Johnson Valley, CA. Inspired by their subjective experiences combined with dozens of collaborative readings with original drawings.


Objects, creatures, and plants hold symbols with deep spiritual significance that may offer insight to questions, concerns, or curiosities. After spending 9 months living alone in a house located in California's Mojave Desert where I experienced a number of phenomena which bled into dreams and awakenings which have manifested within these drawings, and the sharing of them.

When a rat entered into this home on a cool spring evening, I was triggered, remembering an unseen moment concerning the death of my father. Because I did not have a vessel for capturing the rat, I hid in my room and began to cope the only way I knew how- I sat and drew over 50 illustrations connected to this home. Thus this deck inevitably became a symbol for transforming trauma personally through drawing, applying this to trauma associated with the collective and earth as a whole.

I awoke the following morning to find my indoor plants and seedlings eaten. A Tarot Deck that was gifted to me was spread all throughout the house. For the next week, this became my morning routine...picking up the spread out cards. When I opened the cupboard this packrat had been nesting in, I found a single tarot card propped up in a pot alongside a piece of broccoli, and an avocado pit...the Knight of Vessels.

I then cornered the rat one evening and had a conversation with them, holding a 5 gallon bucket- explaining “You can either choose to get into this bucket, or the live traps, or I will begin to use kill traps, because you have crossed a boundary. If you want to live, you need to leave this home.” That evening the rat had chewed through the screen window and jumped out, and began to occupy the old swamp cooler outside.

These cards may offer objects that hold symbolic meanings, which can be tools for gaining insight on questions, circumstances, or open guidance. We all have the ability to see the relationships we have with objects. These cards are to be a portal into your own inate knowing.

Art has always been related to divination for me, with my earliest remembered premonition being at the age of 10. Through my artwork I have predicted divorce, death, birth, and random occurrences. I have experienced paranormal activity through household objects my entire life, beginning in the 100+ year old church that I grew up in. I was afraid of this ability that I had, and refrained from drawing anything representational for years. After dozens of sessions in Somatic Experiencing for processing trauma, I was able to understand this psychic wound. This deck is how I have chosen to use this ability with intention to offer self reflection, and tools for transforming trauma.


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What People Are Saying about their Oracle Experience:

"Jai Knight's Desert Rat Oracle deck/reading is a unique experience that transported me from the cold of a New York January to the Mojave desert. Through their guided meditation, Jai not only connects you to your higher self but also the land. The deck itself is beautifully illustrated with snapshots that are universal to the human experience. The Desert Rat Oracle deck and reading are a great tool for expanding your perspective and connecting with yourself."

Sam :)
"I received a Desert Rat Oracle Reading with Jai and feel compelled to transmit the beauty and breath which was gifted to me through this transmission. Jai creates space for information to be heard on all levels. I was very comfortable and at ease, in total joy over the hand crafted oracle cards which reflected a myriad of wisdoms in such clarity. The reading itself was fluid, supported, honoring and truly lovely. The session ended feeling complete, understood and held in loving energy. I am very grateful I was able to witness, receive and participate in this sacred offering. I immediately recommended to several friends and feel this medicine is necessary for those who feel drawn to it. Beautiful support for dynamic times."

-Nicole Vescio

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Limited edition prints will be created. Jai Knight is currently working on creating limited edition decks which will be printed by hand using pigment that is collected, alchemized and applied to paper by Jai.

Black ink is being created from charcoal collected from wildfire sites in Paradise, CA.